T.E.A.M. Training
Train; Empower; Accountability; Monitor

T.E.A.M. Training

Designed for department heads and mid-level management of small to mid-size businesses; church leadership training for small, mid-size and large churches or ministries. Groups or organizations that are looking to see real results in business efficiency, production and profits.

Bob's T.E.A.M. Training develops teamwork and business cohesion among all workers and managers. This concept is based off of the military's philosophy of "stepping up" if a leader is incapacitated or unavailable. It encourages subordinates to train for "their boss's job" and to think like "their boss's boss."

Implementation of this training will improve morale, retention and an increase in efficiency -

which will increase production and profitability (of any size organization).

This training is perfect for a 45-60 minute time slot; the absolute best training session is a half day session, but Bob could go even deeper if a full day session was available.



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