Changing "Why Me?" to "Why Not Me?"

Resilience is the popular "cliche" that is going around today. But in the end, it basically means,

"Don't give up and don't give in - until you win!"

This session is an "Inspirational and Motivational" teaching on


Using personal stories, from his growing up in a broken home, to losing the career dream job of his life, (three times over)...through bankruptcy and years of living paycheck to paycheck...

Alcoholism, emotional breakdown, depression, literally being 3 days from homeless, working three minimum wage jobs to support his family and going to Bible College at the same time...Bob goes deep in the revelations that have plagued him...that should have destroyed him...


His comeback will inspire and motivate every audience. Some will have tears - but they will be tears of joy at the end.

His strong Christian Faith, his devoted wife and daughters, their families - many times were the ONLY motivating factors that made him try "one more day."

His personal story of "never quitting; never accepting defeat: never allowing others to dictate what success meant to him - will serve to transform your group attendees attitudes to whatever it is they may personally going through. 

Bob delves into ways any person can grasp to "get up one more day" and go at life again. He will inspire them to look life differently. To face challenges differently. 

To use a military catch phrase: "To improvise, adapt and OVERCOME!"

This training is perfect for a church service or men's ministry setting; a Resilience Training event; retreat event for ministry or business environment.  Typical run time is between 45-60 minutes.  

A half day session will allow Bob to work with small groups as they begin to "overcome" whatever is holding them back. The perfect environment is an all day session where the groups are "rotated" in different scenario settings (typically three groups - but more can be added if attendance justifies).



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