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Bob Thibodeau

Robert Thibodeau has over 30 years of leadership training experience.

Bob's military background consists of serving in the US Army as an enlisted soldier, Drill Instructor and then receiving a commission as a US Cavalry Officer, where he served in a combat line unit as well as in a staff positions.

After his military service, he formed a private business and operated it for seven years, before he answered the call of service again - this time as a police officer. He retired from his Law Enforcement career in 2011 as a Sergeant. 

In addition to all of the leadership training (and over 2000 hours of platform instruction) which he has conducted, he was also ordained as a minister in 2001.

He has taught the Gospel in over 200 different venues - literally all over the United States!  He is the host of two ministry podcasts, one business podcast and also founded a successful online radio station (that has been rated as #1 in the world almost 85% of the time) in the Christian Talk genre!

His T.E.A.M. Training Seminar focuses on the importance of team work; what team work is and how it can accomplish any task or mission.

His motivational teachings will inspire those who are struggling to identify, pursue and achieve their innate abilities and dreams. He purposefully focuses on "that one thing" that sets each person apart from another. He motivates each person to do "one step each day" towards their goals and their dreams. 

He shares real life stories of personal struggles that he has had to overcome, fueled only by the determination to succeed. He will inspire your attendees, employees and students to take action on that "one thing" that will lead them to success. 

Robert has over 50,000 views to answers and commentary on the Quora website (and growing daily); over 15,000 downloads of his podcasts; thousands of followers on social media and over half a million listening hours on his radio station!

His training, whether an all day seminar, key note speaker or in a break out session, will benefit almost any business, conference, workshop, school or ministry!

Contact us for more information and bring Bob Thibodeau out to your business, training or conference event or to your church or ministry leadership training - and bring your group to a higher level.


T.E.A.M. Training Information

My T.E.A.M. Training Seminar is designed to do one thing - create a cohesive, workable and proven team training program for their unique workplace environment.

I have put together this unique training seminar to bring your group from where they are at now and take them to a higher level of cooperation that yields the results you desire. Over the years, this system has been proven to work for businesses of all types: churches & ministry groups, military, retail businesses and law enforcement agencies as well.

This training can be condensed into a half day seminar - but is designed to be one day (6-7 hours) of training.

If you would like the "short version" I can give the highlights during a one hour "talk" for various venues (conferences, events, churches, etc).

Please contact us to arrange your training plans.


Robert Thibodeau

"How Bad Do You Want It?

What are your organization goals? How would creating a more unified team environment help you to achieve those goals? I can help you build a T.E.A.M. environment that will help you achieve your goals and objectives!"


Contact Me

Are you looking for a speaker who will captivate and hold the attention of your event attendees for the entire training session?

Are you looking for an experienced speaker who has used the methods being taught (instead of just studying them from a book)?

Are you looking at developing a close knit, cohesive team that will be able to scale your organization to the next level?

Is your group struggling with trying to find their "dream" job?  Or perhaps they are struggling at finding that "one dream" to pursue?

You might have a youth group, veterans group, support group or you might be holding a conference designed to help those struggling with finding their "number one dream or goal" in life...

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, I can help you or help your group achieve your goals.

Reach out and let's talk. We can work out the details to make it happen.

Robert Thibodeau
PO Box 4936
Middle River, MD 21220




Robert Thibodeau
PO Box 4936
Middle River, MD 21220

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