Who Is Bob Thibodeau?

Committed to a Life of Service

Wow!  That is a hard question to answer!

 I have been around the horn a couple of times and have a varied past...US Army enlisted soldier; Drill Sergeant (Basic Training DI); Commissioned Cavalry Officer (Combat Line Unit as well as Staff Officer); Highly successful insurance salesman and General Agent (#2 rated agency nationwide for our company); Retired Police Sergeant; BS from Tarleton State University (Texas A&M); MS from Johns Hopkins University; Ordained Minister since 2001; Manage / Operate a highly rated Online Christian Radio Station; Three Podcast Programs; Professional Inspirational and Public Speaker/Trainer: focusing on Leadership Training and Team Building for businesses, ministries and churches. Bob also helps veterans, students and those entering or re-entering the workforce at any age, to "dream big and achieve your dreams!"


Please watch the video below to find out!



Robert Thibodeau
PO Box 4936
Middle River, MD 21220

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