Why should you bring Bob Thibodeau in to speak to your business group, organization, conference or ministry meeting?

What would your group or organization accomplish if every person (employees, volunteers, executives or administrative personnel) believed in your cause? Instead of showing up for work, they show up to "make a difference."  What could your organization accomplish?

Bob Thibodeau will teach your group or organization a new method of Small Unit Leadership and Team Building that most organizations have never tried. But yet, his methods have been perfected by very successful and well known organizations (which you will hear about during the presentation). These techniques were used by Bob, successfully, for the past 40 years!

If you bring in Bob Thibodeau to speak or to hold a training session for your group, your business, your church or ministry team - You should be able to see the changes almost immediately in the attitudes, culture and climate of your business and your employees or volunteers.

Your employees and volunteers will adopt a sense of ownership. ​Your people will come to work, not because it's their JOB...but because it is now their CAUSE! That is what makes the difference!

Do you need a successful TEAM BUILDING event that will actually WORK?

Contact Bob Thibodeau and find out how easy it really is!


Introduction to "How One Cup of Coffee Can Change Your World" Training

 Are you frustrated with all of the details and distractions that happen during your day? Do you want to know "HOW" to get more things accomplished with less hassle?  In this training, Bob Thibodeau uses the analogy of

"One Cup of Coffee"

to illustrate how you can do this, easily. 

We guarantee, you will never look at your cup of coffee in the same way, after you go through this training!


Introduction to the T.E.A.M. Training

In this brief video, Bob Thibodeau gives the overview of his T.E.A.M. Training Program.

This training is applicable for all businesses and ministries.

If you have an organization with more than two employees or members, this training will help you to be more efficient, professional and able to respond to various events more quickly and profitably.



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